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08/2019 – today: visual artist, educator, and editor of the Goddessarts Magazine


01/2018 - 07/2019: 2nd State Examination (Master of Education ), Seminar Karlsruhe, Germany


09/2011 - 07/2017: 1st State Examination, University Mannheim, Germany


07/2011: A Levels, Staatlich Berufliche Oberschule, Kaufbeuren, Germany


07/2008: state-approved foreign language correspondent, Kempten, Germany

Exhibitions (international selection):

03/2022: Inspirational Woman Artists Exhibition, GHT Southampton, UK

12/2021-02/2022: New Years Exhibition, Israeli Art Market, Israel


11/2021 – 01/2022: participation at the group exhibition “Neo Naivism“, invitation from Prof. Künnapu, Artist Union Estonia, Tallinn


12/2021: 3rd place winner of the "Connections" Exhibition, Würztburg, Germany

08/2021: Biennale Austria, “Another Day in Paradise” at the Arcitect Expo in Venice, Italy


08/2021: group exhibiton at the Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany


04/2021: selected finalist of the group exhibition „Cycles“ with focus on sustainable art, in At The Bakery, Atlanta, USA


05/2021: finalist of the “Colors” exhibition at the Grey Cube Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


04/2021: selected finalist for the feminist group exhibition "tits, pits and naughty bits", London, UK

02/2021 – 03/2021: group exhibition “Ad Astra”, at Divulgarti Art, Genoa, Italy


02/2021 – 03/2021: group exhibition “Art for Art’s Sake“ at virtualartists, London with me as „special guest“ and speaker of the show


01/2021 – 07/2021: group exhibition at the gallery artboxproject world, Zurich, Switzerland


12/2020: group exhibition “Metamorphosis” at The Holy Art, London, UK


11/2020 – 03/2021: group exhibition “fake space” at SKT at the Mercanto Mayfair, London, UK


09/2020: group exhibition „dressme“ at the gallery M.A.D.S. Milano, Italy


08/2020: group exhibition at the Swiss Art Expro, Zürich, Switzerland


01/2018: group exhibition at the Schlossgallerie (castle gallery), Rastatt, Germany


03/2014 – 05/2014: solo exhibition at the Vienna, Mannheim, Germany

Upcoming Exhibitions:

2022: participation at the Monaco Yacht Show, Artexpo NY, Los Angeles Art Show, New York Luxury Design Fair and Scope Miami


Prizes and Nominations:

12/2021: awarded with the ATIM’s top 60 contemporary masters, New York (awarding in June 2022)

10/2021: awarded with the Olympic Art Prize, Rome, Italy 

09/2021: finalist of the “Harmony of Art Contest”, der Blue Blood Gallery, Prague


08/2021: selected finalist for the first “projection mapping”, of an NFT video at the IntervalsFestival, Novgorod, Russia


01/2021: nominated for the Global Art Awards, Tokyo, Japan


11/2020: nominated as “most investable artists in 2021“ in the „Contemporary Art Book of Excellence” (CAE), Dubai/London


10/2020: nominated by the Global Art Awards, Shanghai, China

Events and Memberships:


09/2021: member of the association for arts, Rastatt (before that since 2012 member of the association for arts in Mannheim, Germany)


08/2021: publisher and editor of the 1st issue of the international Art Magazine “Goddessarts Magazine“


03/2021: part of the “Where are the Women Artists” (WATWA) directory of Art Girl Rising, USA


02/2021: member of the „Nationale Associatie voor Beeldend Kunstenaars“ (NABK), Netherlands


02/2021: presented on public screen by „W1 Curates“ for the „Make it Blue“ campaign for mental health, at Flannels, London, UK


01/2021: member of the international known „Women and their Work Association”, Texas, USA





12/2021: art fundraising for the women’s rights organization “Art to Healing”, Australia


04/2021: art fundraising for the women’s rights organization “Terre des Femmes“ for their 40. anniversary, Berlin, Germany


03/2021: successful participation in the charity art auction of the NGO „Gravity Water“ for clean drinking water, California, USA


07/2021: member of the Neunion Community, an art gallery for charity, Hamburg, Germany


Publications (international selection):


12/2021: pubished in the “Covos” lifestyle magazine, issue 5, Dellas


12/2021: published in the “Moevir” lifestyle magazine, cover story, issue 28, Paris


11/2021: published in the “Marika” lifestyle magazine, issue 1622, cover story, New York/Moscow


10/2021: published in the Swanky lifestyle magazine, fashion forward, issue IV, London, England


10/2021: published in the 17:23 lifestyle magazine, issue 17, Paris, France


10/2021: published in the „Top Posters Magazine“ – ranked top fine artist (back cover), issue 635 Barcelona, Spain


10/2021: published in the “The Purposeful Mayonnaise Art Journal”, London, Canada


10/2021: published in the „Art for All“ Magazine, Los Angeles, USA


10/2021: published in the award winning CREATIV Magazine,  Milestone Issue, 46, Miami, USA


09/2020: special feature in the „Make Sense” LGBT Magazine, front + back cover, Vol. 7, New York; USA

09/2021: published in the „MVIBE Magazine“, Art Issue 28.2, Athens, Greece


08/2021: published in the exhibition catalogue of the Biennale Austria „Another Day in Paradise“, Austria


07/2021: published in the CAE (Contemporary Art Book of Excellence), Dubai, United Arab Emirates


06/2021: published in the “The Best Address Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine”, Neu-Delhi, India


04/2021: published in „the Working Artist Magazine“, Vol. 3 Cardiff, UK


03/2021: published in the „Art Hole Magazine“, Vol. 9, Edinburgh, UK


03/2021: published in the „Boomer Magazine“, Vol. 1, Boomer Gallery, London, UK


02/2021: published at the GAA (Global Art Agency) publishing, Dubai/London


02/2021: published in the „Artists Circle“ book, Vol. IV, Art is Life, Texas, USA


02/2021: published in the “Lesnouveauxriches Magazin”, Studio View Edition, Vienna, Austria


10/2020: published in the „Artist Talk“ Magazine, Issue 13, London, UK

International References:

Represented by:


SingulArt, Paris:



Saatchi Art, London:




Artifact Gallery, New York:


OnlineGalleryArt, Netherlands:


Tricera, Japan:


Hansford & Son Gallery, London, UK:

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